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No matter what department your employees work in, the way they feel about your brand will impact your customer experience, and this directly impacts the bottom line. However we have to consider that with five generations in the workplace, not everyone wants to sign up to a mobile app, and not everyone works behind a computer. Some work in warehouses, on building sites and in malls, so we need to ensure that our communications reach everyone on the device and in the format they choose. 
Find out how we help you activate the brand internally
Communication departments can drive employee advocacy programs to activate employees around the brand, by giving them greater clarity around the company’s mission, vision and values.
Find out how we help you activate the brand internally

The fact is, employees who are used to creating and publishing content internally for colleagues are more likely to transition to external advocates. This is why Visibly focusses so heavily on employee empowerment to both create and optimise their own content for internal communications. Employee advocacy starts internally, not on social media but in the corridors, at meetings, on the reception desk, anywhere your people interact.

Visibly helps Communication functions to better understand their workforce, and specifically the alignment between communications, workplace happiness and behaviours. 

The best part is that you don’t need to change any of your existing communication tools, Visibly sits right in the middle of your existing stack and powers your employee storytelling. We can set up bespoke recipes to trigger events in your existing tools, for example we could send posts to certain employees using email and others chat.  Or we can add a task into your project management software based on specific content creation requirements powered from Visibly’s campaigns.

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