Employee advocacy

.Employee advocacy

Create a culture where your people promote your company without being asked.

.What does employee advocacy actually mean?

Employee advocacy is a form of word of mouth marketing. It is when an organisation encourage their own employees to promote the brand. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways an organisation can promote it’s brand. Modern technology now gives brands an even better way of leveraging their own internal teams to act as social media advocates, creating powerful word of mouth marketing campaigns that build brand awareness, improve internal communications, and increase brand reach. With social media employee advocacy, a company can reach more people than just their immediate followers. It’s not just the numbers that make employee advocacy such an attractive marketing strategy. Any posts that are shared by your own employees are far more authentic than those promoted directly from Marketing. People believe their friends and are 83% more likely to act on a recommendation from someone they know (source Nielsen). Employee advocacy has many benefits ranging from brand awareness to recruitment, sales, customer support, employer branding, internal communications, PR and employee engagement. It touches every department and if done correctly, can be a great change and transformation tool.

Why is employee engagement so low?

.Why is employee advocacy so misunderstood?

Modern employee advocacy was conceived following the 2008 financial crisis. As consumer confidence waned, Marketers searched out new ways to rebuild consumer trust. As such, employee advocacy was created to reach new networks and create more authentic messaging. The problem was that little attention was paid to why employees might want to advocate in the first place. As a result, many organisations that launched advocacy programs failed to reach their potential or simply missed the mark altogether. It’s only as organisations struggle to keep up with consumer expectations around digitalisation and service that the relationship between employee experience and customer experience is being recognised. 

.How does Visibly solve this problem?

In short, Visibly is not an advocacy software, it is an employee experience platform. When we built Visibly we looked at advocacy in its totality, not just as a standalone marketing strategy. We believe that real advocacy comes from within, and occurs naturally as a byproduct of great culture. For this reason, we have created a platform that focusses on transforming the way  employees feel about the place they work, the jobs they do and the people they work with.