Brand reputation

.NIdentify promoters and detractors

Understand your entire workforce engagement levels at all times.

Brand reputation
Brand reputation

.Measure your culture in realtime

Culture is an abstract concept, so the goal is to find tangible and direct manifestations of culture that can be observed and measured. Making this connection from an abstract notion to a measurable quantity represents a core objective of the Visibly platform. We use both pulse data and AI to measure employee behaviours, feelings and sentiment simultaneously. 

Brand reputation

.Stop a crisis before it happens

Drill down to any micro group in the organisation, check engagement levels and spot areas of negative sentiment before it becomes a problem. 

More Features

  • Culture & ENGAGEMENT

    Pulse employee engagement surveys.

  • Experience & NPS

    Measure customer and job seeker experience.

  • Social analytics

    Social media analytics for the enterprise

  • AI values

    Measure your internal value alignment.

  • IC analytics

    Measure IC and content resonance.