Employee magazines

Create, host online or ship physical magazines directly from within Visibly.

Edit any media type mobile or desktop
Make content creation fun for everyone

.Get creative with tailored layouts 

Visibly enables content teams to create, print and ship physical magazines directly from the platform, using both company and employee generated content (online magazine hosting also available).

Personalise every piece of content

.Schedule shipping dates

Wait just 4 days for the magazine to land in it’s chosen location. Print and ship anywhere in the world and in any language. 

More Features


    Tailored feeds for all communication needs.


    Enterprise project management workflow.


    Design, print and ship employee magazines.

  • SMS & Push

    Create and send bespoke SMS notifications.

  • Email

    Create and send beautiful HTML emails.

  • Chat

    Utilise both 1-2-1 and group instant chat.