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About us

Our people

Chris Heron, Prashant Shah and Sunil Shah founded Visibly in 2016. The product was launched officially in January 2019. Chris spent 20 years in employee communications and branding before entering the software market in 2010. Sunil and Prashant Shah are both serial entrepreneurs with previous exits in the drug discovery and software industries.


Visibly has offices in Ahmedabad, India, Cambridge, UK and Perpignan, France, with the core development team working out of India.

Our culture

Visibly is an Anglo-Indian-French technology mash-up, and It’s exactly this eclectic mix that makes our product so different. Every location and nationality brings with it a unique way of thinking, culminating in a group of people with special problem-solving skills. As a fast-growing SaaS startup, distance has forced us to think like a global organisation from day one. We celebrate all Indian and European holidays, and the European management team spend a few months per year in India. The DNA of Visibly is centred around the nurturing of its people, values and culture, it reflects in the way we work with each other, as well as our collaborators and partners. Our set of values are centred around the speed at which we learn, innovation, teamwork, attention to detail, energy, delivery, integrity, and community. We have developed an active social program that has included bowling, restaurants, community work, cinema, restaurants and of course our Visibly cricket team which ensures there is more to working in Visibly than just
Development! The team are constructively engaged in operational activity of the company and are encouraged to
participate in discussions and decision making which impacts the issues that affect performance of the business.


The idea for Visibly came from Chris’s experience of delivering award winning communication projects to businesses including Samsung, Motorola and Microsoft. Chris observed the growing need for brands to leverage the employee voice for Marketing and Communications, but noticed current advocacy providers were doing this through curated content that had been passed down from Marketing to employee.


“In my experience, if you tell an employee to share content to their social networks, they will happily do so several times. But soon this will become laborious and the employee will lose interest. Whereas, if you put a camera in the employee’s hands, and tell her to take pictures that interest her and then share to social media, she will be more engaged in the process, more excited to receive feedback from peers and connections on social media.” Chris Heron


Our research

We reached out to over 200 companies who either had already launched or were interested in launching an advocacy strategy. Our research told us that many organisations that had previously launched advocacy programmes had struggled for platform and programme adoption. Furthermore there were many more organisations that were interested in the idea of launching a programme but were concerned about levels of employee engagement or general work-culture to make a success of the programme.

Our process

Thus the concept for Visibly was born. We would help organisation both pre and post programme launch. We would measure culture to understand if the organisation is ready for employee advocacy, then use internal communications and employee generated content to increase programme and platform adoption.


To deliver world class technology that supports organisations everywhere in the pre and post launch of their employee advocacy programme.


To push the employee advocacy agenda away from leveraging employee networks and more towards nurturing culture, engaging employees & creating a better work environment, so that employees advocate the brand of their own accord.

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