Cambridge, December, 2018 – Following a successful beta period with users onsite at Sky, Shell, and other large brands, Visibly, the culture and communications platform for high growth SaaS, launched its public offering today. Visibly’s ability to enrich communications with original employee generated content makes it a unique proposition in the employee advocacy market, which until now has focussed on employees sharing curated content via their Marketing departments.

Visibly is a freemium software as a service (Saas). The platform offers native IOS and Android apps for employees,  both available from their respective app stores, and a fully responsive website application for Admins.

The platform hosts a number or features beneficial to those organisations who are looking to promote their brand via their employee networks. Noticeably, the software offers the ability to measure the culture through a values voting system. Also photo and video editing, content management and other rich media features to promote employee generated content. Visibly also offers organisations a centralised hub for internal communications through an internal social intranet, and custom feeds for closed brand communications with guest users (think WhatsApp Groups or closed Slack channels).

In conclusion, Visibly covers much of the communication needs for an organisation of every size.

The platform is available for free online at

Press Contact: Chris Heron – +44 (0)78 25 61 25 04 –