De-centralised non-desk workers
Remote locations or non-technical workers
Fast paced customer facing roles require instantaneous communications. Workers need to be able to react quickly to manager needs and customer expectations.
How we help you reach every employee

Most hotel staff work in non-desk roles. They are on the floor, in the restaurant or performing housekeeping duties. The majority do not have access to emails or intranet. That means that most information share this way will not be received.

How we help you reach every employees
Mobile apps

Our mobile applications can be tailored to your brand, they act as one centralised platform to send all of your employee communications and peer to peer messaging. Documents can be shared in realtime via the asset manager or feeds. Important messages can be sent as push notifications, SMS, or pinned to the top of the feeds.      

Create a team culture
Employee magazines

If you ask any hotel or restaurant customer why they keep going back, you can be sure that service and staff friendliness come up time and time again. The team culture that you build inside your business is essential to retaining and growing the customer base. Understanding how your people feel, and what influences their behaviours is essential to creating that culture. Our culture diagnostics and internal communication tools will help you achieve this.   

Industry overview


    Integrations with over 1000 enterprise systems.


    Tailored feeds to satisfy every communication scenario.


    Scientifically researched advocacy diagnostics model.

  • Manufacturing

    Remote locations or non-technical workers

  • Healthcare

    Engaged workers means satisfied patients

  • Hospitality

    De-centralised and non-desk workers


    Remote locations or non-technical workers


    Brand governance and fails safe systems for brand compliance.


    Design, print and ship employee magazines.

  • Logistics

    Remote locations or non-technical workers


    Analytics for adoption, social media and more.


    Value polls and pulse surveys to measure engagement.