Off-site and non-technical workers
Remote locations or non-technical workers
We have to be realistic in that a large portion of the average construction workforce does not want to log into a mobile APP. However we still need to be able to communicate and engage them.
The multi-site communications disconnect 

Multi-site organisations and businesses with contrasting work environments often find that a one size fits all approach to communications simply doesn’t work. For this reason we often see a disconnect between head office workers and those on the front line delivering the service. 

How we help you reach every employees
Employee magazines

Construction workers often find themselves in hazardous or high security environments, places where mobile phones and other digital devices are prohibited. In these scenarios, traditional online communications no longer work. This means that communicators need to think outside of the box and find new ways to inform and engage. Visibly solves this problem by creating, printing and shipping physical magazines directly from the platform. 

SMS and push
Employee magazines

We can can send urgent instant messages to construction workers via sms or push notification. It could be a simple message from the CEO or a security update regarding a change in Health & Safety, either way we keep your people informed.

Industry overview


    Integrations with over 1000 enterprise systems.


    Tailored feeds to satisfy every communication scenario.


    Scientifically researched advocacy diagnostics model.

  • Manufacturing

    Remote locations or non-technical workers

  • Healthcare

    Engaged workers means satisfied patients

  • Hospitality

    De-centralised and non-desk workers


    Remote locations or non-technical workers


    Brand governance and fails safe systems for brand compliance.


    Design, print and ship employee magazines.

  • Logistics

    Remote locations or non-technical workers


    Analytics for adoption, social media and more.


    Value polls and pulse surveys to measure engagement.