Rapidly growing headcount and diluting culture
Remote locations or non-technical workers
Technology companies often have great start up cultures but struggle to maintain that vibe as they grow. It’s so important for startups to grow but without breaking their cherished culture.
Building a culture DNA

High growth technology companies tend to have common teething problems. New locations, increased headcount and less contact with original founders all add up to a lack of culture identity. What was once possible to communicate across a single office no longer works across continents.

How we help you reach every employees
Living the values

As day to day interactions with the workforce reduce, it makes it harder for founders to influence change and continue to drive their original startup culture. This is why it is so important to codify the values and behaviours early on, making them a compass for future future employees . Many organisations rely on articulating them verbally, “we’re very X or Y.” Whereas Visibly communicates a more visual representation of the values and behaviours.

But my developers live in Slack
Employee magazines

Developers do not want to log in and out of communication platforms all day. They get most of their daily updates from Slack, and are happy living inside an instantaneous chat environment. Visibly does not try to compete with Slack, we are not a productivity tool, we are a brand and culture communications platform with the ability to push content both internally and externally.  Visibly talks with Slack,  pushing and pulling data when and where required by the organisation or the individual. 

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    Remote locations or non-technical workers.

    Remote locations or non-technical workers.

    Complex stakeholder communications.

    Remote locations or non-technical workers

    Remote locations or non-technical workers.

    Remote locations or non-technical workers.