A new way to measure and nurture
a culture of employee advocacy.

Visibly aligns your workforce to a common vision, driving your business performance through an employee-led culture.

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Align your workforce. Speak with one unified voice.

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Let us support your culture and business transformation  

The 2018 Gallup report (Employee Engagement) found that 87% of global workforces are either disengaged or unhappy. Staff attrition is at an all time high and recruiting talent is getting harder. Business leaders recognise the need to become more culture and employee-centric, however this means implementing the tools and strategies to support such a transformation. 

Watch the platform in action!

Employee polls with a difference

Employee polls and surveys 

Our polls and surveys have been scientifically researched by trained psychologists. They are based on a model that recognises 7 key pillars of the workplace that drive superior performance, positive wellbeing, commitment and engagement at work..

Segment your data

Drill down into your analytics, find out where your values are truly lived, or just words on a poster. 

Understand your culture

Find out where are the culture holes, and how to plug them through better communications and appreciate inquiry methodology.

Internal communications that reach and engage every employee

Internal communications that reach and engage every employee

Whether your employees work in a warehouse in Kentucky, a bank in London or a lorry in the Scottish highlands, we help you reach and communicate with every single person.


Use your existing comms tools 

Connect up Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Yammer, Mailchimp or any other tools that you already use as part of your communications stack.


Peer to peer

Help your employees communicate peer to peer, in a fun and engaging way.


Drive employee interactions

Hashtags, comments, GIFs, likes and emojis to drive employee interactions.

Activate your brand advocates on social

Activate your brand advocates on social

Visibly is an enterprise employee advocacy platform, helping organisations to activate their employee voice safely and consistently on social media.


Create and publish employee generated content (EGC). Curate and publish existing content from RSS feeds or your company blog and jobs. Measure your brand reach and conversions through powerful social analytics and UTM links.

Collaboration and creativity

Share media assets with anyone in the organisation via mobile or desktop apps. Put creativity into the hands of the employee with powerful video and photo editors.


Our process

Employee advocacy is the result of a great culture and engaged employees. Visibly uses a tried and tested model called Appreciative Inquiry to transform your culture and amplify positive employee stories.  

Define Needs

Culture diagnostics 

Our culture diagnostics tool measures employee engagement, workplace happiness and values alignment, then suggests areas of strength to underpin change and transformation efforts .   

Set Goals and Objectives

Internal comms  

Visibly provides one central communications platform. It connects up all of your existing communication tools helping you reach and connect every employee.

Launch and Optimise

Social enablement

Visibly safely activates your brand promotors on social media at scale. It ensures messaging is authentic, on-brand and reflective of the core company values.   

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