About us

Remote from day one

Visibly is an Anglo-Indian-French technology mash-up, and it’s exactly this eclectic mix that makes our product so different. As a fast-growing SaaS, distance has forced us to work remotely from day one. We built Visibly around our own challenges of growing and supporting teams at distance. For this reason we are perfectly placed to support organisations going through the same transition.

Elephant in the room

Pandemics, generational diversity, skill shortages and digitalisation have now created the ‘perfect storm’. As a result, organisations need to rethink the way they manage and shape their culture, in realtime. For many this is a huge transition, one that they are struggling to execute.

The solution

Visibly supports organisations as they adapt to internal and external challenges. This could be moving part or all of their workforce from office to home based, trading through a pandemic adjusting to a merger or acquisition, transitioning from one market or location to another. Visibly gives organisations the insights and tools to adapt, survive and thrive.

Our mission

Visibly’s mission is to support organisations as they shift and shape their culture in response to what their teams, customers and markets are demanding.


Our vision

Our vision is to be ‘The Agile Hr platform of choice’ for organisations everywhere. 

Our core values


Have the courage to believe in yourself and the team around you, be brave to express your ideas and differences.


People build companies not technologies. Respect that we are all human, treat others as you wish to be treated.


The relentless persistence and focussed dedication to learn, improve, and succeed.

Anything I can do to help these children feel more positive about the world around them has got to be worth it.
Asma Pathek


Every year we have a ‘Women in Technology’ open day to showcase careers in Visibly and the wider technology market. The last Women in technology open day attracted nearly 120 female participants. Also, Visibly’s HR team has a target of ensuring that 50% of all employees are female.


We have a mature CSR program that includes community work, tree planting and constructive engagement around operational activities. We encourage our people to participate in discussions and decisions around social, environmental and labour policies.