Global thinking from day one

Global thinking from day one

Visibly is an Anglo-Indian-French technology mash-up, and it’s exactly this eclectic mix that makes our product so different. Every location and nationality brings with it a unique way of thinking, culminating in a group of people with special problem-solving skills. As a fast-growing SaaS, distance has forced us to think like a global player from day one.

The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

We have been talking about Mckinsey’s ‘war for talent’ for over 30 years, however generational diversity, behavioural changes and digitalisation have created the ‘perfect storm’. Organisations everywhere are in crisis, struggling to attract, engage and retain the talent they need to carry out their own business missions.  

The solution

The solution

If organisations want to recruit and retain top talent, improve output and tackle the issues associated with digitalisation, they need to win the hearts and minds of their people. Only through a massive effort to engage and  align values to those of the organisation. 

Our mission

To help organisations create cultures of advocacy, where employees are brand ambassadors, agents of change, story tellers, evangelists, influencers and role models. 

Our vision

To create and lead a new software category in the employee experience space. To redefine the employer-employee relationship, and co-create a more positive future of work.

Our core values


Have the courage to believe in yourself and the team around you, be brave to express your ideas and differences.


People build companies not technologies. Respect that we are all human, treat others as you wish to be treated.


The relentless persistence and focussed dedication to learn, improve, and succeed.