Visibly was conceived in 2017 by marketing and employee communication experts from Cambridge UK, Ahmedabad India, and Perpignan France.


Online behaviour is changing. Connected, mobile, and deeply distrusting of marketing spin, consumers and job seekers are performing due diligence and using peer to peer recommendation sites to validate brand research. This shift in behaviour is forcing organisations to deliver multi-channelled marketing, and align workplace culture with their brand promise. However, sharing marketing responsibility with employees is daunting. How can you ensure that the content is on brand, relevant, and doesn’t put the company at risk?


Our platform is uniquely placed to help organisations leverage their own employees in the creation and marketing of orignal brand content. Visibly has a strong focus on mobile applications, giving employees the freedom and flexibility to market the organisation’s brand as part of a wider brand communications strategy. Visibly solves key problems surrounding the creation and sharing of company content by giving marketers and HR access to the real brand, the employees themselves.


To help organisations collaborate with their own knowledge workers in order to deliver scalable, safe and authentic marketing to customers, current and prospective employees.


To change the way organisations engage employees in support of their overall brand communications.


Fearless - Have the courage to believe in yourself and the team around you, be brave to express your ideas and emotions, makes mistakes, we are counting on it.
Human - People build companies not technologies. So respect the fact that we are all human beings, not robots, treat everyone as you wish to be treated.
Relentless - We often get it wrong first time round, but relentless persistence and focussed dedication enable us to learn, improve, and eventually succeed.