Use polls, surveys, pulse, social monitoring and AI to understand engagement, culture gap and customer experience.


Visibly provides culture gap, engagement, brand advocacy and internal communication analytics simultaneously. These insights give organisations the visibility, insights and confidence to proactively drive their people culture.


We use AI to measure the way employees communicate with each other, and the outside world. Our AI auto-tags the company value that best matches the published content. A poll is then created, inviting all users to score their own experience of working in the business. We collate all of this data into a ‘lived values’ analytics dashboard.

Net Promoter

Create your customer and job seeker NPS funnels. Discover where you have experience bottlenecks. Delve deeper into your scores through responder comments. Invite advocates into Visibly and engage them further to become brand ambassadors.


Measure the entire organisation’s social media activity from one platform. Track engagement, reach and influence, understand what content is generating the most interest and from whom. See content creation behaviours across location and time. Track discussions by subject matter and keyword.