How to do employee advocacy the right way (podcast)

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Chris Heron

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

In todays episode we have Stuart Jones. Stuart runs InSource Talent, one of the UK’s leading training providers dedicated to the In-House Recruitment & HR sector. Previous to this, Stuart spent 20 yrs in Recruitment and RPO. 

It was mine and Stuart’s love of employee advocacy that brought us both together, and after chatting with him a few times about the subject, I realised that he would make a great guest to have on our show. 

By the end of the episode you will have a clear understanding of what employee advocacy is, how it can help you as an organisation to attract talent, build brand and increase engagement. We will also be giving you some actionable takeaways to implement an employee advocacy program into your company. 

If you want to connect with Stuart you can find him on Twitter at @InSourceStuart.  Or contact him through his website or on Linkedin

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