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Chris Heron

Thursday, June 25, 2020

This week we have James Dalton on our show. James ran the global employee engagement strategy and service delivery for FirstGroup plc (UK, USA and Canada – 110,000 staff). He has also been supporting Visibly’s growth the last few months as Director of Engagement. 

Today we will be discussing some of the tools and strategies that James has used in the past to engage dispersed workforces. We will also be talking about the current situation with many furloughed, working from home,  or even facing redundancy.

Finally, we will be talking about one of my favourite subjects, the future of work. What does the future of work actually look like? 

By the end of the episode you will have some actionable takeaways to help you drive a better employee experiences no matter where your people are currently working from. 

If you want to connect with James you can find him on Twitter at @jimdalton.  Or contact him through our website

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